Angeles City Night Life


Pampanga: Angeles City & Clark

The main attraction is the Balibago Entertainment District, known as the Night life capital of the Philippines, hundreds of bars, thousands of showgirls, full on, 24 hours entertainment. There are also good shopping spots around the city.

The business district is located in thre Clark Freeport Zone. This zone is home to Clark International Airport (Diosdado Macapagal International Airport). This development resulted as the city recovered from the devastation of the nearby Mount Pinatubo eruption in 1991 and the departure of the US army from what was then Clark Airbase.

Other than bar-hopping every night, there are other destinations and things to do in Angeles and around Pampanga:

There are nature trails and campsites in key locations on Mount Pinatubo.
There are the attractions of the Philippines in Nayong Filipino, which is an outdoor museum that houses miniatures of the country’s tourist destinations.

Woodcarving and furniture making are two of the three oldest professions practiced in Angeles City. This area produced the first wooden chandeliers that are now installed in Malacanang Palace, Manila.

Noteworthy places to eat in Balibago include:

Armandos Pizza, Brettos, Phillies, Rodizios, Swiss Hotel, C’Italian Dining, Northern Brew, Margareta Station, Bambinos Bistro, Vincafe, Mequinis, Roy’s Pub. The many restaurants and bars in the city serve a wide variety of dishes from international and local cuisine.

Historic sights here include, the Old Pamintuan Residence, which was the seat of the country’s first president Emilio Aguinaldo. The old Post office building is also a historic site in itself, which was constructed in 1899.

The city has around 300,000 residents including many students who go to the city to study at the premier universities including, Angeles University, Clark.

If you want to play golf, or gamble in casinos, you can visit Clark Freeport Zone.
This area also contains duty free shops and a host of local and foreign companies.
For the adventurous, there is available off-road driving from the city’s Four Wheelers Club.

You can skydive and parachute, courtesy of the Tropical Asia Parachute Center.

Another thing to try is ultra-light flying, just contact the city Flying Club for details.

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