Mt. Mayon


Bicol: Mt.Mayon, Donsol, Sorsogon, Legazpi

The City of Legazpi is the capital of the province of Albay, it is the largest city in the Bicol Region. A 45 minute flight from Manila to Legazpi Airport gets you into this area.

The awesome Mount Mayon Volcano dominates the skyline and the effects of its recent eruptions can be seen everywhere as a reminder of the danger of this location. It rises 2462m (8,077 ft) above the gulf, It is the most active volcano in the country.

Mayon has had forty-seven eruptions in recorded history. The first recorded eruption was in 1616. A devastating eruption also occurred on 30 November 2006.

Other places to go to and sights to visit include:

The Albay Wildlife Park.

This is a picnic grove and a park combined. It also serves as the home to 347 animals of 75 species.

One of the best places to view Mayon Volcano and Legazpi City is the Lignon Hill. This is the highest location in the area and towers over the adjacent Legazpi Airport. This is where the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) has a permanent station to observe Mayon.

For Snorkellers & Scuba Divers, Legaspi is also Close to Donsol, the home of Whalesharks and the Ticao Pass, famed for Manta Rays.

In late 1997, with the arrival of the first cellphones into this remote area and the consequent spread of news, the outside world discovered that huge schools of whalesharks had been visiting the mouth of the Donsol River for generations. Organized whale shark expeditions then transformed this sleepy, remote fishing village into a major eco-tourist destination.

Before then, the local fishermen thought they were a were a fish-eating species and therefore a threat to their livlihoods. When it was proven that they were gentle plankton eaters, this sleepy, remote fishing village transformed into a major eco-tourist destination.

Growing to over 40 feet in length and 13 tons in weight, these amazing creatures can be legally encountered only by snorkelling interaction.

Peak months to encounter the Whale Sharks are Dec/Jan to Apr/May. Some years the Whale Sharks migrate here as early as November and stay until late June. Dec to Jan are the best times to visit.

NOTE: The area is now protected, Scuba Diving is prohibited.

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